Monday, 13 April 2015

Boost Moisture With Vichy Aqualia Thermal

Vichy is a brand that I haven't had a chance to really explore in much detail. So when I was offered to try Aqualia Thermal, I jumped at the chance. Aqualia Thermal offers everything my skin craves in the Spring time; a shot of moisture to hydrate and make the skin look plump.

Vichy was created in 1931 and since that time, they have constantly strived to be at the breaking edge of cosmetics. Recently they introduced a whole range of products to add 'dynamic hydration'. The new products are all under the Aqualia Thermal line and there are three products. Here I have the Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Power Serum*, what a name! It's concentrated with Thermal Spa Water and enriched with Hyaluronic Acid with allows to soothe, protect and hydrate all in one handy serum. 

So science and ingredients aside, what did I think of it? Well lets start with the shallow stuff; I love the bottle. It feels lovely to hold and feels expensive (which I expect for £17). The formula itself is a lot runnier than over serums I've tried, which makes it incredibly light on the skin. It's really cooling on the skin, which I love, there's nothing nicer than a cooling serum first thing in the morning! 

I apply to the skin after cleansing and it just takes a couple of minutes to absorb in. It really injects lots of hydration into the skin, which means it makes a great base for makeup. I've found that normally my foundation clings to my dry patches, but this hasn't happened with Aqualia Thermal in my routine. The one thing I don't like is that the product is quite scented! This normally puts me off, but I've been ignoring it as I find this has been doing wonders for my skin. 

So far I'm really enjoying this Aqualia Thermal Serum, I can see why it's called the 'Power Serum'. I've packed this in my suitcase this week as I'm heading to Santa Cruz, which involves a 12-hour plane journey! I'm hoping this is going to rescue my skin both during and after the flight!

You can pick up the Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Power Serum from Escentual (buy here) and Boots (buy here) for £17. 

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