Friday, 13 March 2015

The Forgotten Blusher

NYX Blusher Pink Brush

I've had this NYX blusher in my collection since I headed to America in October last year. For some reason it landed itself in a drawer and got forgotten about. I then read a blog post by Shannon from Under The Blush and it all came flooding back! 

You can actually get hold of NYX in the UK these days, but it's much easier to get in America. Mainly because it has pride of place in the drugstores and you have loads to choose from. It happens to be super cheap too, so you don't feel guilty as you load your basket! As I wondered around Target a lot of colours jumped out at me, but I ended up choosing Peach. Which is more a deep pink shade than a peach shade, beautiful nonetheless. 

Peach is a pressed powder blusher and it's super pigmented! You just have to give your brush a little dip in the colour and you're good to go. They look beautiful on the skin though, they are really silky so you get a nice natural glow. I will say that I found these quite hard to blend, so it's best to use a light hand. Otherwise you have to fish out your foundation brush and dab it in, which isn't the end of the world! The colour lasts well, I wore this on a four-mile walk at the weekend and it didn't budge.

How this blusher ended up in the back of my drawer I'll never know, but I'm glad I have it back. There are actually 25 shades of these blushers, so there are a lot more to choose from! You can get NYX blushers from their website in the UK (here) and drugstores in the US. 
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