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Roller Lash - A Mascara For Length, Not Volume

Roller Lash Benefit Mascara Review

It's the mascara everyone is talking about, but is Benefit's Roller Lash really worth the hype? Just like most everybody else in the beauty community, I rushed straight to a newsagents to pick up a sample of Roller Lash in Elle Magazine. I've now come to the end of my sample so I wanted to finally share my thoughts.

The Claims
Roller Lash is Benefit's latest mascara which claims to be a "roller for lashes" - giving lift and curls instantly. It's the home of the 'Hook 'n' Roll' brush (patent-pending) which Benefit says grabs and hooks every lash. The brush is plastic and it has a 30 degrees curve to perfectly fit your eye shape. 

The Bits I Love
The brush is great, I'm a big fan of plastic mascara wands and the curve makes it easy to use. It's true that the mascara grabs every lash, from the long ones to the little tiny ones. You get some really impressive lift and an awesome curl that lasts all day (I needed two coats to get the effect you see in the press pictures)! The formula doesn't break down and you don't end up with panda eyes whatever the weather. 

The Bits I Don't Love
Now for the controversial part! The formula isn't very wet, which is great because it means you don't get mascara everywhere. But you do have to move pretty quickly, if you leave too much time between coats, your lashes set and then it's impossible to get a second coat on top. For me I'd like the formula to be a little wetter as I think it would be easier to work with. I'm quite lucky as I'm naturally blessed with very long lashes that are quite curly. So what I need from a mascara is volume, which you just don't get from Roller Lash. So whilst you get great length, it's not a product that really blows me away. 

It's safe to say that They're Real remains my favourite Benefit mascara, as it provides length and volume together and masses of it! Whilst researching this blog post, I read that Benefit suggest using Roller Lash and They're Real together. You would use Roller Lash first for length and then add They're Real afterwards for volume. I haven't tried this myself but I think you'd have to work quickly and I definitely can't afford to have two mascaras on-the-go at one time. In summary, Roller Lash isn't a terrible mascara, it just doesn't work for me. If you want length and curl go for Roller Lash, but if you're looking for volume try They're Real. 

Have you tried both Benefit mascaras? Which one do you prefer?
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