Thursday, 26 March 2015

Exceptional Radiant Tinted Moisturiser From ESPA

When it comes to tinted moisturisers I have to say that I've never "got it". They've always had zero coverage and "glow" has normally meant my skin looking greasy. Maybe I've not tried the right brands or not given them a chance, but it's fair to say that I was sceptical about the ESPA Tinted Moisturiser With SPF*. So sceptical that I refused to use it on a busy work day, at first I only tested at the weekend.

ESPA gave me the chance to choose two colour samples, so I went for 01 Nude and 02 Blush. Nude is described to be for the "lightest skin with light undertones" and Blush is "fair to medium skin with pink undertones". My complexion actually has pink undertones, but as usual the best match for me was the lightest shade.

A little goes a long way, I squeeze this out on to the back of my hand and the first time I used it I had a lot left over. I applied it with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and I really dedicated a lot of time to really blending it into the skin. It completely evened my complexion, my skin looked uniform with no red blotches in sight. It's buildable; so you can apply extra where you need extra coverage. So I tend to add a little extra to the center of my face; around my nose and under my eyes. It's fair to say that this doesn't cover everything - in fact I still needed concealer on dark circles or particularly strong blemishes.

It really leaves your skin GLOWING, it looks incredible, but not greasy! In fact, it was so glowing that it was a little too much for me. I just took a little bit of pressed powder through my t-zone and it just dulled it down a little bit.  The part that really blew me away was the staying powder. This survived a long weekend walk through wind, rain and even the hot sun, when it came out for a while. Once it survived the weekend test, I used it on work days; it lasted a trip into London filming and my generic work days in the office. 

All-in-all I'm really impressed with the ESPA Tinted Moisturiser! It makes your skin glow, yet it doesn't make your skin greasy. It gives your skin coverage without making it feel heavy and cakey. It's a good colour match AND it lasts well on the skin, what else could you possibly want? The only problem is that at £32 for 50ml, it's certainly pricey. However, I think it's totally worth the price tag and if you have a long summer holiday planned, it's worth the investment. 

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