Friday, 6 March 2015

Disney Inspired Phone Case

Disney Inspired Phone Case Mickey Mouse iPhone 6 Case

For today's lifestyle post I wanted to share with you my latest phone case. I'm quite the phone case addict; I rarely stick with one case and I like to change them quite a lot. When I got my new phone, I started the hunt for my new case. 

My best friend has the most gorgeous Disney phone case on her iPhone and I became obsessed with finding one for mine. Weirdly, finding a Disney case for your iPhone can actually be harder than it seems. I searched high and low for something I liked and I finally settled on this one. It's a gorgeous rose gold case which has Mickey Mouse etched into the back of it. I'm really a huge fan of this, it's got the Disney edge without being too sickly! 

You won't believe me when this phone case cost me £2?! I know! I picked it up from eBay for £2 plus 65p packaging, it's a total bargain. I ordered it from China but it actually arrived really quickly (I'm talking four days). If you're a fan you can buy the case here, they have a few different designs!
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