Saturday, 24 January 2015

Curvaceous Full Swirl by Redken

I've been resisting buying this product for so long. My hairdresser has used Curvaceous Full Swirl by Redken on my locks for the past two years and I've loved it every time I've visited. The main reason I was holding back on this is the price. I've always had amazing products from the high street, so spending £12 on a serum seemed like madness. 

However, just before Christmas I did eventually cave and now I'm never looking back. The Curvaceous Full Swirl by Redken, is a serum mixed into a lightweight cream. It aims to make your hair big and bouncy and it does exactly that. I squirt this into my hands and warm it through, I then scrunch it into my hair. 

Amazingly, it works well in both wet and dry hair and makes my permed curls look incredible! I was in San Diego last week and I only needed to take this one styling product with me which is amazing! I'm used to having two or three products with me for all kinds of eventualities.  The Curvaceous Full Swirl gets rid of all my frizz and locks out humidity, which got tested to the max in sunny San Diego!

It's incredible the difference this stuff has made to my hair! No matter what how clean my hair is, this product performs and creates fresh looking curls every time. I'm a huge fan and if you have curly hair you NEED to try this.

The Curvaceous Full Swirl serum retails for £12 and you can pick it up from Look Fantastic (link here). Let me know if you have any favourite hair products, I'd love to hear all about them! 
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