Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Lucilla Bracelet by Warren James

When I was a student living in Southampton, I'd walk past the Warren James store on a daily basis. I'd often walk alone gazing at the lovely jewellery, subconsiously adding things to my never ending wish list. So imagine my excitement when Warren James contacted me and offered to send me something from their Christmas Collection.

I flicked through the Christmas Gift Guide and came across the Lucilla Cubic Zirconia Bracelet*. Something very delicate and simple, something both me and my sister-in-law would love! The bracelet is Sterling Silver and it arrived packaged in a black patent box, looking freshly polished and very pretty! I was actually surprised that the bracelet fitted me like a glove and it's really comfortable to wear! The clasp is easy to use and it closes easily and securely. All in all, it's really beautiful.

I actually think it's a really elegant piece that a lot of ladies would love wearing. It's very simple with some pretty sparkle. So you won't be stuck wondering whether the person you're buying for will like it! 

The best thing? This little bracelet is only £29. Yep, £29! I think that is in most peoples price bracket this Christmas! If you're interested in buying some jewellery as Christmas presents this year, you should definitely check out Warren James. They are a specialised jewellery outlet that started business 35 years ago. If buying online is not your thing, why not check out one of the 145 stores in the UK?

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