Saturday, 6 December 2014

Frosted Cranberry Hand Cream

I cannot believe this is the first ever hand cream that I’ve tried from The Body Shop. I bought it on a complete whim as I liked the sound of the Frosted Cranberry scent. Let me tell you one thing; this stuff is gorgeous!

The Body Shop hand cream range until now has been pretty limited. However, they have been reinvented and they now come in a whopping nine fragrances. The new nine ‘flavours’ are in ‘miniture’ 30ml form and come in a gorgeous metal tube. The tube is decorated in the corresponding colour of the fragrance range. It has a little lid, which you screw off to then squeeze out the hand cream. It’s actually a really easy packaging combination; I chuck it in my bag and have the confidence that it’s not going to make a mess.

The formula of the hand cream is really nice too! It’s a really nice texture and it absorbs into the skin with ease. It disappears quickly but leaves you with a scent that lingers all day. When I say all day, I mean all day! I applied this at 7am and at 6pm I could still smell it, it was lovely! It leaves your hands soft and smooth for a good 24 hours; I’ve got into the habit of applying it every morning when I get into work.

The best part about these hand creams you ask? They only cost £3.50, which is an absolute bargain! I’m so impressed! Youcan buy the Frosted Cranberry Hand Cream here.

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