Monday, 15 December 2014

Ciatè Mini Mani Manor Week Two

You guys seemed to really like my Ciatè roundup last week, where I showed you the contents of my advent calendar! So I'm back again with my roundup of week two! I won't waste time blabbering, lets just get stuck straight in to the contents shall we?

Day Eight: Big Yellow Taxi
Big Yellow Taxi is the bright yellow polish on the wheel. I know what you're thinking, a yellow nail polish? I definitely thought the same! I have no idea when I'm ever going to use this but it actually swatches really nicely. It needs a couple of coats though as it's a bit streaky in one coat.

Day Nine: Prima Ballerina 
Prime Ballerina is a bright pink loose glitter! I need to get some kind of brush or something to apply this with, I haven't tried it yet but I fear it might be messy!

Day Ten: Mineral Clarity
Now this is my favourite polish of the whole week! This is a gorgeous deep blue textured glitter. This looks so impressive when I swatched it, so I cannot wait to wear this as a full manicure. It reminds me of the Essie textured polishes which are some of my favourites.

Day Eleven: Strawberry Milkshake
Day eleven revealed Strawberry Milkshake, which looks exactly like it's name. It's formula is similar to 'Big Yellow Taxi' it's creamy and looks beautiful. It's quite streaky again so it needs a couple of coats! It's actually unlike colours I normally buy, so it's good to have one in my collection.

Day Twelve: Let It Snow
Let It Snow is another gorgeous glitter, but this one is holographic! It's absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to get this on my nails! 

Day Thirteen: Silhouette
Silhouette is a deep burngandy shade which has some glitter running through it. It's like 'Toggle To The Top' by Essie, only with a lot less glitter. I thought this was going to be my favourite polish of the whole week. However, I actually used this polish on Saturday and it was a little disappointing. Although its a gorgeous colour, it look a lot of coats to get a full coverage and I got tip wear straight away! 

Day Fourteen: Unrestricted Glam
Last buy not least this week is Unrestricted Glam, which is apparently a glossy jet black. I will say that it's more grey in two coats, but maybe it gets darker with a third coat. It's a good basic shade to have, I don't own any black shades! 

So that concludes the contents for my second week of the Ciatè Mini Mani Manor. What is your favourite shade?

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