Monday, 17 November 2014

Essie Haul

After posting about my favourite Essie glitters, I couldn't shake my Essie obsession. I headed to Fragrance Direct and found that they had freshly restocked there Essie shades. Essie polishes for £2.50? Who can resist that?! 

I immediately filled my basket with beautiful shades and walked away with four colours that have been on my wish list for quite a while. Moving from top to bottom on the wheel, we have:

Stroke Of Brilliance 
I spoke about having this on my wish list in my glitter favourites. It's part of the Luxe collection from Essie and it's a stunning shade. It is a blue glitter in a clear polish, it can look a whole host of different colours, depending on what you layer it with. The polish is packed with glitter so you don't have to fish it out of the bottle. The formula is beautiful, it dries quickly and looks amazing.

After School Blazer
This shade had a lot of hype in October last year, it was featured on VDM and I instantly fell in love. When I saw it for £2.50 it jumped straight in my basket. It's the perfect shade for this time of year, it's a black navy and it looks fabulous on it's own or with a dash of glitter. 

The Lace Is On
This is a shade like nothing else in my collection. In the last year I haven't bought anything similar and I figured it would be a great alternative to the dark Autumn shades that have been gracing my nails recently. This is a lovely pearlescent fuchsia which just has such a beautiful sheen to it.

Toggle To The Top
I could speak about this shade all day long, it's one I've had in my collection for a whole year. I'm so happy to have the full sized bottle as I'm no longer worried about it running out. It's a beautiful red with glitter running all the way through it, I can't help wearing this all the time. As soon as it chips I'm reapplying it! It's one that is perfect for Christmas day!
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