Sunday, 30 November 2014

Don't Miss: DECIEM Black Friday Deals

I wanted to tell you more about the DECIEM Black Friday deals, because in my opinion they are not to be missed! DECIEM might be a brand you've not yet heard of, but you may be surprised to hear they are behind some of 2014's biggest brands!

They are behind Inhibitif, Fountain, Grow Gorgeous and Hand Chemistry, which have all taken the world by storm this year! For example the Fountain range won the Cosmopolitan Breakthrough Beauty Award 2014. If that isn't enough, the Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex is the No.1 selling hand in Boots. They've got a lot of fans and lot of products have been on my wish list for a long time! 

You only have to head to their website ( to see what they are all about. Weird, wacky and certainly not normal! Being different is certainly their thing!

So why is this relevant right now? Well DECIEM have created amazing Black Friday deals that can save you a load of money! So if you’re interested in Hand Chemistry, Fountain, Inhibitif or Grow Gorgeous DECIEM is the place to go! If you’re interested in the offers you can click these handy links: For Fountain (click here), for Inhibitif (click here), for Grow Gorgeous (click here) and for Hand Chemistry (click here). 

They've kindly sent me some amazing things to try out and they are all in rotation already! I'm so excited to have these products in my collection and I'll be reviewing all of them in the coming weeks.

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