Monday, 16 June 2014


I love a good mobile app, especially those that let me look back on the past and relive some special memories. When I came across the 'Timehop' app I knew it was one I was going to love and one I'd use every single day. The idea behind Timehop is really simple, it just shows you what you were up to on the same day years ago. You can connect your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and loads more to Timehop and it shows you everything you posted on social media on that single day. It allows you then to share those pictures, tweets and status' with all your friends, or just keep them to yourself. 

I just had to share this app with you in case you haven't heard about it. I've just been loving looking through and seeing everything I've done and even the tough days I've had. It's good to remember the good times and remind yourself how far you've come! Although in some cases you need to be prepared to be embarrassed by your 14 year-old self posting terrible Facebook status' - beware! 

Let me know if you give the Timehop app a try, and if you've used it already, what is your favourite memory you've uncovered so far!
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