Sunday, 29 June 2014

A Home Filled With Hearts | Haul

A couple of weeks ago I went and visited my little sister and we couldn't resist doing a little bit of home shopping. I've been pretty good when it comes to home shopping, I can't really buy a lot until we move in as there is no where for it to go, so I had a little splurge. I say splurge but all this lot came in at under £20, which I think is a bargain. 

For the longest time my sister had been banging on about a shop called 'B&M Homestores' which is basically a huge shop filled with homewares at stupidly low prices. You could spend literally hours in this shop, it's full to the brim with lovely bits and pieces. I tried my hardest but some things had to come home. 

First up is this 'Vintage Clock' which you can see was a tiny £4.99, I've seen these clocks in a load of places and I've wanted a similar one for ages. I think Next had one a while back which was around £30 so I think this is an absolute bargain. Next is the heart cushion which I bought for a tiny £2.99, I cannot believe how pretty this is, yet how cheap it is! I wish I had bought a couple more of them now! I also picked up these three little white hearts which love different quotes on them, I think these will look love on a windowsil. I couldn't leave these three little hanging hearts behind, I loved the colour of them and I think they'll look lovely in the kitchen! They were only £1.50! I also went to Wilkinsons and bought this little lantern which has a glass jar inside it for lighting candles, it was £5 and is going to look lovely in the bedroom! It was only when I got home that I realised that everything I bought had a heart on it somewhere, I must have been feeling a bit romantic that day haha!

Where is your favourite place to go home shopping?

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