Thursday, 8 May 2014

Stila Tools Of The Trade Brush Set

Today I'm reviewing the Stila Tools Of The Trade brush gift set. I actually bought this at Christmas time, I had won a £20 voucher on and I was ready to get spendy! I'm totally guilty of buying something I probably didn't need, as it's only now that I've got round to trying them out! It's probably because Chris actually used one of these brushes to decorate my Birthday cake with edible glitter. I was officially scarred for life, but I'm over it now! 

In side the gift set you get five different brushes, the #1 which is a blush brush, the #6 which is a lip brush, the #7 which is a eyeshadow brush, #9 which is an all-over blending brush and the #33b which is a concealer brush.

The brushes are made to look like paint brushes, which if I'm honest I'm not a huge fan of. I much prefer brushes to look quite sleek and chic. So the look of them don't really rock my socks, but they are quite well made. They haven't shed any hairs yet and they are really soft, the favourite for me is the eyeshadow brush and the blending brush, they are really fluffy and fab for applying eyeshadows.

The good news is that even though this was a holiday gift set, it's actually still available if it takes your fancy! You can get it from FeelUnique for £29.50
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