Monday, 12 May 2014

Lunch at Zaza

Zaza will be no news to anymore who's read my blog before, it's by far my favourite Italian restaurant. Zaza is a very small chain, they have eight restaurants around Hertfordshire and they are fantastic! Since I got my new phone I've been snapping away and I've taken a lot of pictures when I've been eating out, so I thought I'd share another lunch with you guys! 

This time I tried a new starter, which is the Mozzarella and Tomato salad, it was really nice, but I always think the portion is a bit small! I know that they don't want to be too generous with the Mozzarella, but they could chuck a few more leaves and tomatoes in! It was really enjoyable though and the dressing was beautiful! I'm sorry for featuring another carbonara on this blog but this is probably my favourite meal of all time. Zaza's Carbonara is the best I've ever had, it's incredible! It's so creamy and so delicious! 

For once we actually went for dessert, we stayed chatting for an hour or so after the mains, so cake was calling me! We had the Tiramisu and again this was incredible! I think when you have Tiramisu you have to do it right and this was really nice. It was topped with amaretto biscuits which gave it such a beautiful texture!

I cannot express how good value for money lunch at Zaza is! It's two courses for £9.90 and the main meal portion is incredible, you can even add a dessert for £2.95! You should you definitely check it out if there is one near you.

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