Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Chris Loves... LOreal Men Deodorants

I've been asked for a while if I could feature products aimed at men, it's taken me a while but I'm here with my first one. Obviously I'm a woman, so I've been getting Chris to try lots of new things to find some great products to feature. I'll be posting about products whenever we find something and I'll be calling the posts "Chris Loves...". 

Chris has tried a lot of deodorants in his time and none of theme have really blown him away. They've always been a means to an end, but nothing to really write home about. That was until we picked up the LOreal Men Deodorants. They just happened to be on offer when we went into Boots and Chris figured he'd give them a go. 

They come in a ton of different types, there are ones aimed at people who wear white shirts, people who want invisible protection, people who want extreme protection and even people who want a whopping 96 hours of protection. In fact if you open LOreal Men Deodorants on Boots you get a whopping 14 options, so you're not stuck for choice. Chris has tried a whole load of the options and been universally impressed, but his favourite by far is the 96 hour protection claim. He (obviously) never wears his deodorant for 96 hours but it literally keeps all sweat (and the smell that goes with it!) at bay! It even smells good which is a huge plus!

You can shop LOreal Men Deodrants basically everywhere; Boots, Superdrug, Sainsburys, Tescos, anywhere you tend to get your beauty products. Why not treat your fella and let us know what he thought!
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