Monday, 21 April 2014

USA Haul | From Across The Pond

I’m not the biggest fan of travelling with work, but when I get told I have to go to America, one thing runs through my mind… HAUL! I spend the majority of my time watching YouTuber’s haul their amazing American goods, so I tend to start making a bit of my own list of things I want. 

Although I was close to a Sephora in my hotel I knew that I was unlikely to get to go there, so I took the chance to place an order and have it delivered to my hotel. I knew that one thing was going to make the cut, even if nothing else, the Marc Jacobs Eyeshadow Palette in Lolita. As sad as this sounds, having this in my possession was a little weird, I never imagined I’d actually own it, so to have it have it in my hands was a beauty blogger dream come true. Oh how lame!

The other two things I put into my Sephora bag was a Tarte Cream Blusher, this was tagged as ‘new’ on the website, I don’t know actually how truly new it is but it really caught my eye.  I picked up a powder blusher last time I was in America and the quality is really good, so I’m hoping this is too. The last thing in my Sephora order was the Hourglass Diffused Blusher, I know you can get these in the UK but the exchange rate makes this much more attractive in the dollar price!

Chris asked me if I could get him some lucky charms whilst I was over there, so I started asking around for the best place to buy them! One American friend suggested heading to Target, on my way there I suddenly remembered the amazing Target hauls I’d see in the past. Then again, I remembered the makeup! I didn’t want to go mad because I’d already spent £75 in my Sephora haul, but to be frank, there are some things that are irresistible! For one, the brand new Essie polishes from the Spring 2014 range, these are not yet out in the UK and again, these are one of those things that the exchange rate makes very attractive! I also picked up a Sinful Colours Nail polish in a super cute mint green shade, for 99 cents! Next up I picked up a very cute blusher from Physicians Formula, I tried to put this back several times but it had to come home. Last but not least is one of the Whisper lip butters from Maybelline, Essie Button has raved about these two many times for me to walk away! Oh I almost forgot, these two EOS lip balms, I spotted these on the way to the checkout and for $2.99 I couldn’t resist picking up two colours! I can’t believe the markup on these, I paid £5 for one of these in Selfridges in January!

There you have it, a lovely haul from across the pond! I’m on a spending ban for the near future!
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