Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A Week In Dallas

Two weeks ago I spent a week in Dallas for the Freescale Technology Forum. I don’t expect the Freescale Technology Forum to sound familiar to anyone here but it’s an important event for the company I work for. I headed over to America for the week to cover the event in video. It consisted of several interviews and lots of food! As always I wanted to share some of my pictures with you guys, I like to snap a lot of photographs when I travel to show Chris and family when I come home!

I had a beautiful hotel room, it really was very nice. It was inside a very extravagant convention center, it had fountains, a train track, swimming pools, the works! It was a very surreal place to stay, it felt like Disneyland haha! I had a bit of spare time on Tuesday afternoon and so I couldn’t resist a trip to Target, I got a shuttle bus over there and it was very strange seeing Target. I’m so used to watching Judy from itsjudyslife in there!

Texan food was really nice, I sampled a breakfast burrito, eggs benedict, a carrot cake cheesecake (all pictured) as well as an amazing creamy prawn pasta and an amazing chinese buffet lunch!

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