Saturday, 5 April 2014

Soap and Glory Foot Buffer

If you had a read of my Boots haul recently, you would have heard all about this little product that I bought completely on a whim. I had time to kill and I was just wondering Boots (always dangerous) and I quickly had a basket of products, this was one of them.
I use a foot buffer as part of my routine, every time I shower and until now I'd been using the Body Shop Pumice Stone and Foot Buffer. The Body Shop products are fantastic but I'd found that the wore out fairly quickly.

The Soap and Glory Foot Buffer caught my eye for two reasons. First of all, Vanity. I happen to think this looks really nice, if you compare to others they often look a bit ugly. Second of all, practicality. More importantly the foot buffer is made of metal, so I figured not only would this be more effective, it would also last a lot longer.

The Soap and Glory has two sides, a rough side and a smooth side, but what I didn't notice at first is that it also has a little mini foot file that comes out of the handle! I know this only something little but I was really impressed by this!

Luckily the Soap and Glory Foot Buffer surpassed all of my expectations! (Que grossness) Seeing as I used a foot buffer after every shower, I thought my feet were in pretty good condition. But I've never known anything that removes dead skin like this, it sounds stupid, but this really has to be seen to be believed!

Many people probably think that over £8 for a foot buffer is fairly expensive, but I whole heartedly think it's worth it. Give it a try whilst you're getting your feet ready for summer, I really doubt you'll be disappointed!

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