Friday, 4 April 2014

Paperchase Wish List | National Stationery Week

Random fact of the day? Well it's National Stationery Week, which I thought was the perfect excuse to post a cheeky wish list from Paperchase! My heart sinks knowing that my days for needing a drawer full of stationery are well and truly over, I have my work pad and my boring pens, there's no longer a need for highlighters and jazzy post-it notes. Still, it does stop a girl dreaming* (*buying anyway)!

I've been browsing Paperchase and there are a lot of beautiful items up for grabs so I thought I'd share them with you!

The owl lover inside of me loves this super duper cute diary for 2014/2015, it might actually be a bit late in the year to invest in a diary though! I'm definitely going to have to invest in some of these beautiful metal trays, they have lace-like detailing and I think they will look stunning in the new office! I love scrapbooking with all the memories we keep, my current one is in storage until we move and I can't help but eye up this one covered in bunting! It's so sweet, and I have a big soft spot for the colour blue at the moment! The recipe book is from Paperchase's new Making Tea collection which is just beautiful, I love every single thing from it! It's just so me! I've been looking for a luggage tag to put on my suitcase and I think this blue one with the anchor is super sweet, simple but it does the job! This isn't really stationary, but when I'm browsing Paperchase, I love looking at the ceramics and something about me just loves this tea pot. It's so unique and different, I love it's quirkiness! Keeping with a kitchen theme, these tea towels from the Making Tea collection are lovely, they are simple and to the point, but so very me! Last but certainly not least, check out these lovely flower lights, they are so sweet

Oh, the money I could spend in Paperchase doesn't bare thinking about..
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