Thursday, 10 April 2014

Be Bold Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder

I posted about the Uber Pink Collection from Bobbi Brown as soon as it was released and I noted that I wouldn't be able to resist one of these 'Illuminating Bronzing Powders' from Bobbi Brown. Alas, I couldn't and I'm glad I couldn't!

There's something about the Bobbi Brown packaging that I just love! The sleek black packaging is just beautiful, I think it's really chic and beautiful! When I was at the counter there was a girl there asking about these, as she was also confused why they are marketed as bronzers but look like blushers! I was glad I wasn't the only one! Bobbi Brown say: "This ultra-soft and smooth pressed formula packs a blend of sheer powder and micro pearls (for a seamlessly glowing finish all over the face)."

I had it in my head that although it says bronzer, I'd just use it as a blusher. However, although this looks scary in the pan it's actually not very pigmented, so its perfect for using as a highlighter. Just like my original thought it's also perfect as a blusher shade, it's a lovely sheeny glow! However my favourite way to use this is lightly all over my face (how you'd apply a regular bronzer) so a subtle dewy glow! Despite the scary brightness in the pan it gives a really, really natural glow which I really love.

This really is perfect for Spring time and I'm really loving having this in my collection! I've used it loads and it still looks brand new so it's well worth the pennies! Of course, the embossed slogan even gives you a little boost when you don't want to go to work haha!

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