Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Spring/Summer Perfumes

In older times, I had one perfume that I wore all wear round, whatever the mood, whatever the weather. Now I'm lucky enough to have quite a perfume collection, so I'm hear to share what perfumes I'll be wearing for Spring/Summer 2014.

I like floral scents normally, but in the spring and summer I like to opt for something that little bit sweeter. Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift gives just that, it's definitely quite a young perfume and it's very sweet! The best thing is that it's a really cheap perfume to buy, so it's perfect when you want something to wear for a short period of time. It has top notes of Freesia and apple blossom with raspberry. Middle notes of Vanilla, honeysuckle and white hibiscus, but my favourite part is the base note of peach. It really is beautiful! Taking it up a notch of the expensive scale is the Honey perfume from Marc Jacobs. I knew I wanted this perfume way before I even smelt it, the bottle is beautiful and right up my alley! This perfume isn't just called Honey, it smells of Honey and it's not for someone who isn't a fan! It is something that is really different and it's nothing like anything else I have. The Honey is rooted into the base notes, so it's what lasts on your skin all day, the top notes have a lovely scent of pear and mandarin and the heart notes are orange blossom, peach, honeysuckle and apricot. Ending with the most expensive scent we have Jo Malone's English Pear and Freesia. It's quite possible my favourite ever perfume and I absolutely love it. Jo Malone themselves actually describe the scent as an Autumn scent, but this just reminds me of Spring. It's the scent of pears, freesias, amber and woods. Definitely give it a sniff when you're near a counter soon!
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