Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Aquaphor Skin Healing Balm

Aquaphor is another one of those products that I received in a Glossybox, I’ve used it, loved it, but never got round to writing about it!
Aquaphor is made my Eucerin, and although I’d never even heard of it, it’s readily available in Boots for £8.50The product is marketed as supporting the regeneration of skin, it’s a very thick slightly opaque balm packed with soothing properties for skin healing. Chris and I have used this on several occasions where we’ve cut or hurt ourselves, or on the generally dry patches of skin that have been causing irritation. It’s simply just worked a treat, the balm is packed full of moisture and it gently treats to area and really speeds up skin recovery.

If you have an area of skin that is hurt, or generally just causes irritation and you’ve tried lots of products that just haven’t solved it, I thoroughly recommend giving this a go! Two more things worth mentioning (that I haven’t tried myself but that Eucarin say); first of all Eucarin say this product is suitable for use on babies' skin too, so it’s perfect for mums! They also say it’s perfect for people who suffer from friction burn when working out. It can form barrier against friction burn caused by clothing or skin.
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