Monday, 17 March 2014

The Naked 3 Palette

The Naked 3 palette certainly needs no introduction and it probably doesn’t need another review to add the pile, but I’m here to share my thoughts anyway! 

I’ve never owned a Naked Palette, they’ve always been out of reach financially and then there was a rumour of the third palette and I thought it was likely that I’d want the brand new one. It’s kind of like the palette was made for me, first of all I love the packaging and it’s my favourite packaging on the three. I love the metal casing and the clip closure, the design, the rose gold colour, it’s all pure love for me. Secondly it’s the first of the palette with a pink theme to the colours. I use pink shades or brown shades, I have lots of huge brown palettes, but pink themes are not something I yet own.

Just incase you don’t know, the palette has 12 eye shadows, 9 of them are shimmer shades and 3 of them are matte shades. I love using the 3 matte shades as a base and as a natural contour to the eyelid. The matte shadows vary, one really light, one medium and one dark, so you could easily have a full matte eye look from the palette. Luckily if you lust for shimmer you’re equally lucky, nine shimmer shades from a luscious pink to a dark brown, something for everyone.

If the shadows are not enough to swing this yummy palette for you, it comes with a fantastic brush, which is a fluffy blending brush at one end and more of a pencil tip at the other! Win, win! I simply love this palette, and although I initially didn’t want to use it and spoil it’s beauty, I now I’m fully in love and it makes an appearance very regularly! 

The palette retails for £37 and is available in variety of stores!

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