Tuesday, 18 March 2014

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This may sound silly but I have a bit of a thing for cushions at the moment, I have a sofa, bed and guest bed to fill with cushions and everywhere I go they are well and truly catching my eye. It's quite possible that I need help, but in case you may too have a cushion fetish, here are some of my favourites.

My bedroom is set to have a shabby chic white with purple accessories theme, if that counts as a theme? And Next happen to have the most beautiful collection of cushions I've seen that match perfectly. I love the Heart Applique Cushion (the one with three hearts) which is £14 and I love the mauve heart shaped one reading 'love' which is £16. For the living room I love another embroidery cushion from Next, it reads love in buttons and flowers etc. Just incase I need another pug cushion in my life, I love this one from Next again (surprise, surprise) it's brown too which fits the living room theme. One more from Next 'Life's a Journey' would be perfect for the sofa and it's a really reasonable £12. Owl's are well and truly 'my thing' and I love this cushion from Dunelm, it's only £3.99, which is a bargain! Dunelm also have a cushion which says 'Love With All Your Heart' for £11.99 which is super cute. Debenhams Embroidery Cushion (cream with the lace heart) is certainly expensive at £25, but its very pretty! Another one which is pretty and very, very nice is the 'love birds' cushion for £25.

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