Monday, 3 February 2014

Week Four | 5:2 Diet

Week four of the 5:2 diet is finished, so it's time for me to share my food diary and weigh in! 

Day 22: Monday 27th January 2014 (Fast Day)
Monday was the start of a brand new week on the 5:2 diet, I really enjoyed my crackers and cream cheese lunch that I had started on last week, so I had that for lunch again. For breakfast I had my scrambled eggs and for dinner we had a chicken salad which was delicious!

Day 23: Tuesday 28th January 2014 (Normal Day)
I was really busy Tuesday morning at work so I actually didn't have time for breakfast, so I had one of my favourite instant lattes from Nescafe! I'm such a fan of them, not only are they filling but its a great thing for if you're feeling knackered. I had a bad week at work this week for lunches, the call of the canteen was just too much. On Tuesday I got Chicken Korma and rice from the canteen and it was actually pretty nice. Tuesday night (as you probably know by now) is pizza night! This week Chris' mum had bought the Pizza Express 'Cook At Home' pizza which is slightly more calories than usual, I had this with wedges!

Day 24: Wednesday 29th January 2014 (Normal Day)
On Wednesday I went back to my breakfast and had scrambled eggs and ham. I couldn't resist the canteen again but this time it was a disaster. It was 'Chinese New Year' day at work and I couldn't resist the Beef In Black Bean Sauce. Unfortunately it was more like a stew and it was not worth the calories at all! For dinner we had salmon and mashed potatoes with broccoli and green beans. The bad part of the day was the Creme Egg I consumed on the way home, shh!

Day 25: Thursday 30th January 2014 (Fast Day)
I started my fast day with scrambled eggs, I'm still loving scrambled eggs for breakfast. Lunch was the standard crackers and cream cheese with tomatoes. For dinner we had salad, which was some Florette Mixed Salad with peppers, cucumber and beetroot, with salmon.

Day 26: Friday 31st January 2014 (Normal Day)
I had completely forgotten to take eggs with me to work for breakfast, so I went to the work canteen and had a little Friday treat, cooked breakfast! I had egg, sausage, bacon and mushrooms and it was so yummy! In fact it was such a heavy breakfast that I was stuffed all day and didn't had any lunch. For dinner though we had an Indian takeaway, starting with a meat samosa, then small portions of Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Rogan Josh and Lamb Shashlik with a little teeny bit of bread.

Day 27: Saturday 1st February 2014 (Normal Day)
Saturday was a bit of a blow out day, it was Chris' dads birthday so there was a lot of food involved! For breakfast I just had some grapes and mid morning I had a Special K Chewy Delight Cereal Bar (my favourite of the moment!). For lunch I had two cheese crusty rolls with half a tub of Cream of Tomato soup, which I shared with Chris. For dinner we made Steak and Wedges, it's from a Jamie Oliver recipe in my new cookbook I got for my Birthday! We had steak with homemade wedges, garlic green beans, peppercorn sauce and mushroom sauce. For dessert I had a sneaky portion of Chocolate Trifle, 378 calories but oh so worth it!

Day 28: Sunday 2nd February 2014 (Normal Day)
Sunday morning called for boiled eggs and soldiers, which we had mid morning, so I didn't actually have any lunch on Sunday. 

For dinner though we delved back into the Jamie Oliver recipe book, we made Lamb Burgers with Sweet Potato Wedges yummy! Two burgers was a bit naughty but it's all good! ;)

Of course Sunday morning called for a weigh in and I lost 1lb, a little tiny loss but I'm 1lb lighter to hitting that 1 stone mark, 3lbs to go! Yay!
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