Tuesday, 4 February 2014

ASOS Valentines Day Offerings | For Her

I spent a lot of money shopping with ASOS over Christmas, I thought their gift selection was fabulous and so I was super excited to see a Valentines Day gift guide drop into my inbox last week! I happen to think that ASOS are spot on with their gift guides, I found myself struggling to pick out just a few bits to create this gift guide!

Lets kick this off with the super cute toast stamp which is priced at £4. I remember being a kid and it was super cool for my dad to use stamps on my toast in the morning, it’s a cute idea if you’re thinking of treating someone to breakfast in bed! If you’re looking for the perfect pair for the toast stamp the Folklore Enamel Mug (£5.95) would add an extra valentines day touch to breakfast!

If your friend or loved one has her own blog, or is just a general list maker (like me!) this little notebook with a little heart (£6) would make the perfect gift and is super cute!

Why not treat your Valentine to a new lipstick to wear on Valentines day, ASOS obviously have loads to offer but I think the Bourjois Rouge Edition lipsticks are fantastic quality and really well priced (£7.99)!  There are loads of colour options and I think the packaging is lovely! Sticking with the beauty themed gifts, ASOShave two exclusive Stila sets available for £16.50, one for cheeks and one for lips! If she’s more of a nail fan I’m in love with this Nails Inc shade The Boltons (£11), a beautiful Valentines Day red with some beautiful shimmer! Naturally she’ll need a new wash bag to keep everything in! I’m literally in love with the ‘Happy Jackson’ brand, everything is fantastic and I love the quotes. The ‘Lovely Things’ bag (£13) is a luscious valentines day red!

Moving onto fashion and a few things caught my eye, first up this super cute ASOS Heart Purse (£12) perfect for storing pennies or anything else that takes your fancy! Something that just screams Valentines day is the b-e-a-utiful scallop bag (£22) in a luscious pink, I’ve fallen in love with this bag so many times because ASOS tends to release it in loads of different colours. This will make such a lovely present and will be perfect when Spring appears! I’ve lusted over Michael Kors watches for ages now and although this Boyfriend Watch (£22) isn’t an replicate I think it’s beautiful and makes a nice ‘fashion jewellery’ alternative! It’s a lovely rose gold shade, and is perfect with so many outfits!  

If you’re up for putting your relationship to the test I’m in love with this Perfect Partners Party Game, which retails for £8. It would be a great gift to any couples you might want to treat for Birthdays too!

Last and certainly not least is this super cute Fox cushion (£35) it’s by the brand Oh Deer and is called ‘All You Need Is Love’ it’s a cute addition to the home and I’m trying to hold back from purchasing this little baby for myself!

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