Sunday, 2 February 2014

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Men

As the big day approaches many of you might be wondering what to buy your loved one for Valentines Day. Seeing as Chris and I are not buying presents this year, I thought I’d fill your screens of Valentine’s day gift ideas. I actually think girls are super easy to buy for, but apparently that is an uncommon idea amongst men, so I’m here to share my best ideas for both men and women!

Lets start with the guys shall we? I always struggle with Valentines Day for men, most people say that Valentines Day is one for the girls but I do think that men deserve a treat too, no matter how hard it may be. A brand my boyfriend really loves is L'Oréal (this is a beauty blog after all), we got him a ton of their gift sets for Christmas and he’s liked everything he’s tried from the brand. Something I really recommend is the L'Oréal Charcoal Scrub, it’s really cleared up his skin and it’s a bit manlier than the standard face scrub! But most things are fantastic, he also uses the Pure & Matte Anti-Shine Moisturising Gel it’s fantastic for anyone with oily skin. You can pick up a load of L’oreal gift sets online from FeelUnique, I really like the travel set, which has a set of four items for £7 and the Hydra Energetic Sport Kit which is a full sized gift set for under 10

Next obvious choice is aftershave, which I think most men like to receive. I know Chris is a big fan of Hugo Boss, so it tends to be something I automatically go towards but there are a ton of other brands and scents out there to choose from. I’m a big fan of Boss Bottled Sport I’m rubbish at describing scents so I’ll let you smell it yourself! 

Maybe your man isn’t a fan of beauty or fragrance, so accessories are maybe a safer bet; I always look at watches myself. They don’t have to be expensive or over the top, just something simple is always nice. If you do however, have a bigger budget, you could look at Ice Watches, they are probably a bit over the top for some people but Chris loves them! I think the black and blue watches look particularly swish!

Most men use wallets and they tend to make great presents, I’ve bought a lot of wallets for Chris in the past and most of them have come from River Island. They look really nice and last really well and are pretty damn cheap, costly a tiny £15. Of course there are tons of brands out there that make more expensive wallets if you really want to splash out!

If you’re after something electronic I know that most men in my life would love to receive a pair of headphones, here I’ve picked out a pair of Beats but there is a range of headphones by loads of retailers around at all different price points. So shop around and I promise there will be something available, loads of people love the ‘Urbanears’ by Urban Outfitters.

That concludes my suggestions for men, I'll be back in a couple of days with suggestions for women if you a man on the hunt! Leave links below to your gift ideas!
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