Friday, 28 February 2014

Recipe | The King of Burgers

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen the burger fest that took place a little while ago. We decided to tackle another recipe from my Jamie Oliver recipe book, this time ‘The King of Burgers’.

The best part of this recipe is the complete and utter simplicity of it, there is no eggs or breadcrumbs in the burgers, just meat! Grab some good quality lamb mince; we just bought some of Sainsbury’s Lean Lamb Mince. If you get 500 grams of mince you can just break it into four sections and just form it into patties. Don’t go overkill on pressing the mince together; you just want to gently guide it into a burger shape. Ideally you want to use a griddle pan to cook these burgers, but as you can see from the picture we had quite a few burgers on the go. So we just stuck them in the frying pan, seal off the meat and then we cooked them slowly on the grill. Stick a cheese of your choice on the top when you’re two minutes from the end of cooking and you’re good to go.

On to the bits to go with your lovely burgers, we wanted to try out making sweet potato wedges to go with the burgers. So we just washed the potatoes, cut them into wedges. We chucked the wedges into a bowl with a dash of olive oil and some polenta to give them a nice crunchy coating. Stick them in oven and cook for 20 minutes or just until they are the way you like them.

If you’re a fan of onions you can make a really quick pickle, you just need to cut up the onions as finely as you can, you then stick them in a bowl and pour over a dash of red wine vinegar, it transforms the raw onions into a soft pickle.

Serve your burger on a yummy bun, a dash of ketchup or mayo and a handful of sweet potato wedges, its literally heaven! I was a bit concerned about the burgers, I thought they’d be really bland, but they are so yummy and moist, makes a nice alternative to the normal beef burgers!
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