Thursday, 6 February 2014

Pizza Express | Birthday Dinner

The day before my birthday Chris and I headed to Pizza Express Harpenden with my sister and her boyfriend for a pre-birthday dinner. It was a lovely night out filled with lovely food!

We had a 40% off food voucher so we went wild with three courses, it was nice to chill and chat and celebrate! Chris and I started by sharing the Antipasti, I have such a soft spot for Antipasti ever since I had it out at a work dinner, now I have it everywhere! The Antipasti came with mozzarella, salami, tomatoes, olives and bread sticks. It was really scrummy and it was a really hefty portion, I wish Antipasti didn't come with olives though, I hate olives! For main I had the Polpette Bolognese pizza, which is exactly what it says in on the tin, bolognese on a pizza! My only complaint is that it was ridiculously spicy, completely over the top for my liking! Chris had the Sloppy Giuseppe which he upgraded to the 'Romana' pizza from the standard design! For dessert I had cheesecake, my sister's boyfriend had chocolate fudge cake, my sister had the 'mini dessert and tea' combo and Chris just finished with a mocha! 
I really enjoyed the food at the time, however, I did wake up with horrendous tummy cramps in the middle of the night and had horrible shakes for the entire of my Birthday! Me and my sister had the same main meal and experienced the same symptoms, I can only assume it was something from the restaurant but I can't of course be sure! 

All that aside I had a lovely experience at Pizza Express Harpenden, the staff were wonderful and even sang Happy Birthday, bravo!
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