Friday, 7 February 2014

Stila Sweet Treat Bronzing Powder | Limited Edition Valentines Day 2014

If you’re looking for a little present for a friend or even something special for a girlfriend for Valentines day, or you just fancy treating yourself to something, I think I’ve found just the thing. 

The Stila Sweet Treat bronzing powder is the 2014 Valentine’s Day release from Stila and is limited edition! Sweet Treat is a ‘chocolate bar shaped bronzing compact’, which lends for perfect bronzing. Stila was inspired by a box of special Valentine’s day chocolates and created this sweet multicolored bronzing palate. All the different colours can be swirled together which Stila says creates a natural golden glow. They even say that you can use it contour, as it’s the perfect shade for sculpting and adding definition.

There are three matte shades and three shimmer shades plus a pop of peach shades in the palette, which I think, adds something for everyone. Early reviews say that the palette is quite sheer in pigmentation meaning you can be quite liberal with application and is fantastic for wearing with and without blusher!

It seems like this was destined for a USA only release but BeautyBay have it on their site for £12! I think it’s an absolute bargain, especially if you manage to make use of a voucher code, I might just have to pick one up!

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