Monday, 20 January 2014

Week Two | 5:2 Diet

I’m back again with another 5:2 update for you guys, this week was my second day on the plan, read below for my food diary, thoughts, feelings and weigh in!

Day 8: Monday 13th January 2014 (Fast Day)
Monday, to be quite frank was awful, if I’m honest I knew it was going to be hard because we had some a calorific weekend. I started the day with scrambled eggs mixed in with a slice of ham, I made this at work in the microwave and I have to admit it was really satisfying, it filled me up and kept me going all morning and afternoon till around 3pm. I have to admit, although I wasn’t hungry I was suffering with a horrible headache which was just niggling away.

For lunch I had leftover ceaser salad from the weekend, which if I’m honest is a pretty unhealthy lunch on a fast day as it seriously eats up the calorie count but it was really yummy. I was commuting by train last week so I left work earlier than normal and I munched a couple of cherry tomatoes on the train home. I got home (still with the headache) and had salad for dinner. If I’m honest I wasn’t looking forward to dinner at all, I’d had salad for lunch and I was craving something hot! I soldiered on and I actually enjoyed it, I just had the standard; lettuce, cucumber, peppers and tomatoes combination with two slices of smoked ham to liven it up a bit! From here I went really downhill, I was totally full but my head was pounding and it really hurt, to the point I went for a lay down. If I’m honest I think it was the lack of carbs in the day, I had a load of protein but barely a single carb and the lack of sugar was killing me! Two salads in a day = never again!

Day 9: Tuesday 14th January 2014 (Normal Day)
Waking up on Tuesday I felt much better about the day ahead, I was ready and raring to go knowing that the day couldn’t be worse that yesterday. I actually started the day on the train (around 7:30am) which I didn’t really want to do, but suffering from shaky legs I figured it was better to give my body want it wanted. I snacked on a Kellogg’s Special K Chewy Delight cereal bar I love these! I think they are really yummy and give you a bit of a chocolate fix! 

When I got to work I decided to have scrambled eggs again, I mastered it this time and I really enjoyed it and I think it’s going to be a regular breakfast for me! I was feeling much hungrier today, I was wondering if this was to do with having a sugary snack for breakfast. I watched this video from the Lean Machines and they were discussing the effect that high sugar in the mornings can have on insulin and hunger for the rest of the day.

For lunch I had one of the M&S ‘Count On Us’ meals, I’ve been travelling to work by train so I was intrigued by these meals and thought I’d give them a go. This definitely won’t be an ‘everyday’ kind of thing because I don’t go near an M&S everyday. I’ve bought three, which I’ll be trying out though! So I had Chilli Con Carne and I have to admit it was lovely and it was just what I needed after the day I had on Monday. It filled me up and I really enjoyed it. For dinner we had the unhealthy concoction of pizza and garlic bread, however, I did complete the day under my 1350 calorie goal so I was really chuffed!

Day 10: Wednesday 15th January 2014 (normal day)
Happy hump day everyone! I woke up this morning absolutely knackered which isn’t fun at all, I soldiered on though and made it to work with out a snack which was my mini goal for the day so I’m happy! I had a couple of cups of tea and then dived into breakfast about 11am. I had my standard scrambled eggs and ham breakfast, I have to say though, I bought my eggs from the basic range from M&S on the way in and I’ve never seen such a bright yolk in all my life? It was literally bright yellow which was incredible, never seen anything like it.

For lunch I had another of the Count On Us meals, this time it was Spaghetti Carbonara weighing in at 385 calories. I have to admit it was really nice, although, I wasn't too keen on the ham part of it, but the sauce and spaghetti was lovely considering it was so low in calories!

For dinner I had salmon and mash potatoes, you’ll quickly see in this food diary that Chris’ family don’t really switch their meals up very often! I’m hoping when are new home finalises that these diaries might be a bit more interesting. I have to say though that I really enjoy salmon as a dinner and it gets us a portion of fish in the week, which is definitely a good thing! On Wednesday night we went to the cinema and I did love

Day 11: Thursday 16th January 2014 (fast day)
My fast day for Thursday didn't go as good as I'd hoped! It started with my train to work being cancelled and leaving my low-cal lunch at home! I had to substitute my usual soup for a low calorie ready meal from M&S.

 I have to admit it was really nice, it was called Chicken Jambalaya and was a mix of spicy rice and chicken yummy! For dinner I had my usual salad with salmon! 

Day 12: Friday 17th January 2014 (normal day)
I was naughty on Friday combining breakfast and lunch and had a little cooked breakfast from the work canteen! I had sausage, bacon, egg and mushrooms, literally my favourite and it was a lovely Friday treat! For dinner we had stir fry, which was so yummy and pretty damn healthy so its a win win for me! 

Day 13: Saturday 18th January 2014
Saturday was the start of my Birthday weekend, which is set to include a lot of meals out! I started Saturday with some Honeydew Melon for breakfast, I love Melon, I think I could literally live off it, but I wanted something super healthy. Me and my best friend went to Zazas for my pre-birthday lunch, I had Mozzarella and Parmesan parcels (cheese in pastry) and Spaghetti Carbonara with a piece of garlic flat bread! 

Quite frankly carb heaven which definitely isn't good, but hey I have a Birthday once a year! When I got home from lunch I had a spanking headache, I tried to drink water and get rid of it but it wasn't shifting so had to take some painkillers! Weird, I don't know what caused it! For dinner we have Lamb Casserole which was beautiful, I was pretty full so I just had the meat and vegetables! As a treat later on I had a couple of the little mini Creme Eggs from Cadburys, I needed a chocolate fix! 

Day 14: Sunday 19th January 2014
I started the day with my weekly weigh in, a loss of 3 pounds made me pretty happy! I was pleased with that! I kicked the day off with a bowl of melon and red grapes, we were heading to Pizza Express for dinner so I didn't want to go mental with calories in the day! For lunch I turned to my old favourite Covent Garden's Carrot and Coriander soup with three Jacobs Multi Grain Choice Crackers! 

I'm going to have to have a really good week next week, because I've had a pretty bad weekend! I'll be fasting Tuesday-Friday next week as it's my birthday today (yay!) I can't fast on my Birthday! I've lost 7 pounds in two weeks!

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