Monday, 27 January 2014

Week Three | 5:2 Diet

This week was week number three, keep reading for my food diary and weigh in! 

Day 15: Monday 20th January 2014 (Normal Calorie Day)
Monday was my Birthday so instead of fasting I had a normal day, I might be doing well with self control at the moment,  but fasting on my Birthday was never going to happen. As you can imagine, Monday was calorie heaven! I started the day with a small, skinny hazelnut latte from Costa and a Raspberry and Almond bake, which is my absolute favourite! As a snack half way through the day I had a Quiche Lorriane from famous London bakery Paul that was equally as tasty! 

For lunch/dinner we went to the Slug and Lettuce in Covent Garden, Chris and I shared a starter of breaded mushrooms and for the main I had a Mozzarella and Parma Ham Toasted Flat bread (mine is the bottom half of the picture, Chris had the steak sandwich) When I got home from London I had a rather large glass of rose with a couple of macaroons that we bought from Paul’s earlier in the day.

Day 16: Tuesday 21st January 2014 (Fast Day)
Tuesday’s fast day was always going to be difficult after a weekend of beautiful food, so I didn’t push myself as hard as I normally would! I started the day with my scrambled egg and ham combination. For lunch I had the M&S Count On Us Chilli Con Carne meal, which comes in at 380 calories. For dinner I had a super healthy salad with a single slice of ham.

Day 17: Wednesday 22nd January 2014 (Normal Calorie Day)
I kicked off Wednesday with my normal breakfast of scrambled eggs, you’re probably going to get sick of hearing about scrambled eggs but they are a breakfast I’m really enjoying. For lunch I couldn’t resist the stone baked pizza at work, so I did have two slices of pizza. It got a little worse because I brought my ‘Clyde The Caterpillar’ cake into the office to share with the folk at work. 

So I did have a helping of chocolate cake in the afternoon. Dinner was a helping of Chicken Casserole, with which we had new potatoes, broccoli, peas and sweet corn. Dinner was fine and not too shabby on the calorie front but the second piece of Birthday cake did not help the calorie intake! Of course I’m restricting my normal calorie days to 1300, not 2000, so I’m always under the guided calorie limit but I feel so guilty going over 1300.

Day 18: Thursday 23rd January 2014 (Fast Day)
I went back onto the Thursday fast day and I went hard, I really wanted to test myself to get under the 500 calories, as I’m not feeling too hopeful of a loss! I started the day with scrambled egg, lunch was 5 crackers with Laughing Cow light cream cheese, which I really enjoyed, and dinner was a large helping of salad!

Day 19: Friday 24th January 2014 (Normal Day)
It will be no surprise that I started my day with scrambled eggs and ham for breakfast. For lunch at work we went to an Eating Inn pub down the road. I had a chicken breast burger with cheese and bacon, sweet potato chips and sour cream. God it was incredible and so yummy! I have such a love affair for sweet potato chips at the moment, I need to try making my own. For dinner we had fish in breadcrumbs from Sainsburys with McCain oven chips. After dinner I had one of my macaroons from Paul's which I bought on my birthday.

Day 20: Saturday 25th January 2014 (Normal Day)

For breakfast I went wild and had boiled eggs with a slice of toast, it was a nice change but we overdone the eggs a bit so it wasn't the dippy feast I was imaging! For lunch I went healthy and had Carrot and Coriander Soup from the Covent Garden Soup Company. 

I had a naughty snack at 3pm (Fruit and Nut Chocolate) 10 whole chunks, it took some extreme determination not to eat the rest of the bar! Dinner was Spaghetti Bolognese, as a pasta lover knowing that 100g of spaghetti comes in at over 350 calories really hurts. I feel like a pasta party!

 Day 21: Sunday 26th January 2014 (Normal Day)
On Sunday we were up bright and early as Chris had a karting race to go to, so we didn't really have breakfast, we just grabbed a Costa and a cereal bar. For lunch we went to 'Food On The Move' in M&S, I had a rump steak baguette, they value it at around 575 calories. Chris and I also shared a pack of the 'Count On Us' sea salt and vinegar crisps which are 90 calories a packet. For dinner we had a roast dinner and apple crumble, which was quite frankly heavenly. I'm vowing a good week next week as I need to push myself a bit harder and get out of bad habits that I had this week. 

Wii Fit measured me 1lb lighter this week but my weight was actually 2lb lighter, so it's a small loss this week, nevertheless it's going in the right direction!
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