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Glossybox January 2013 | Back To Basics

It's Glossybox time again, this month's theme is 'Back To Basics' and Glossybox has had a makeover.

The Glossybox is now actually 'Glossy' and instead of the discreet symbol in the middle it has the full logo. It has a lovely new ribbon which actually stayed tied for when it arrived which is lovely. I have to admit I was actually a fan of the matt box, I think I probably preferred the old design but I'm just being picky. 

Onto the contents, first of all there's a pair of Vintage Cosmetic's Tweezers, I really enjoy trying out tweezers, I got my favourite tweezers from HD Brows in an older Glossybox and they are incredible, I couldn't live without them. So I'm excited to try out these and hope they are just as good. 

Vintage Cosmetics say "High quality stainless steel slanted tweezers for easy brow shaping.  Get perfectly shaped brows every time.  A must have for every girls make up bag." The tweezers retail for £8, you can buy them here.

Next up in the box are the Anatomicals Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer Wake-Up Under Eye Patches, which retail for £6 for 3 packs, there are 2 packs in my box. I'm excited to try these out as I've never tried anything similar and I'm yet to try something from the brand. 

Anatomicals say "Puffy the eye bag slayer under eye patches by Anatomical, enriched with moisturising agents and collagen, helps to reduce dark circles and signs of ageing, eliminates puffiness" You can buy these from Anatomical from ASOS here

Yu-Be is available at Boots but I've never tried it, in the box we received two of these tiny tubes in the box. I have a massive selection of dry skin products that I'm still let to try but I'm sure I'll get round to this at some point! 

Official information says "Yu Be is one of the longest and best selling skin products in Japan today. The concentrated glycerin moisturiser helps hydrate and soothe dry skin. It is absorbed instantly, and stays locked in for hours." A full sized tub is available here for £19.50.

Next is the 50ml bottle of the Balance Me Super Toning Body Wash from Balance Me. Body wash must be the only thing I haven't tried from Balance Me and I'll definitely be trying this out. I'm away on business at the end of February so this will be good for travelling!

Balance me say "An invigorating, tone-enhancing, naturally foaming body wash with our signature “super”, spa-inspired aromatic blend of juniper, bergamot, geranium and lavender essential oils." Full size retails for £10.25 and you can buy here

The one thing I'm not impressed nor excited by is the Beauty UK CC Cream, I hate receiving products from these cheapy brands, I never like the products and none of them are really deemed luxury. I'm sure this will just get lost in a drawer somewhere!

Beauty UK say "Lightweight, hydrating and colour correcting cream that will keep your skin safe under the sun with an impressive SPF 30!" It retails here for £4.99

At first glance I wasn't excited by this box as it seemed completely uninteresting. But when you break it down there's lots of interesting things to try out and use. I'll be looking forward to try it.
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