Friday, 17 January 2014

Fields Of Blue | Wish List

I recently came across the website ‘Fields Of Blue’ and instantly fell in love, it’s packed full of cute home goodies, from furniture to accessories. I thought I’d share with you guys some of my favourite picks.

I’m totally in love with this little picture of goodies, it just all looks so lovely and it’s right up my street! First up is a super cute lantern, there’s something about these types of lanterns, which just make me fall in love. They look fantastic and there’s something so whimsical about them, this one is white in colour and costs £9.95.

I have such a thing for cushions at the moment, I’ve bought loads despite the fact that I don’t actually have a sofa to put them on as it’s in the garage waiting for when we move. But I love this cute one, which reads ‘Home Sweet Home’ It’s really simple which I love and it would look lovely with lots of other cushions spread over a sofa or bed.

Despite the fact I don’t need anymore door stops, (I already have 3) I’m always drawn to them, obviously they are super handy but they are also really cute, it’s nice to look down and see a cute owl or dog looking back at you. I think these little touches really make a house a home. This chicken is really cute and would look lovely in the upcoming spring season, it would make a great Easter present if you’re really forward planning!

I’ve looked at a few jug style vases and I love them, I think they are a little quirkier than the standard vase and they look lovely on a table filled with flowers. It makes everything look a little more rustic and shabby which is my idea of heaven, this one is priced at£14.95.

There are lots of tea lights similar to this hanging heart and they always have caught my eye, I’m sure you’ve all seen things that are similar before. They are so simple but I think they look really lovely.

I love cake stands, there’s something so beautiful about them, if I had my way I probably would own about 35 different stands by now. This cake stand is no different, its beautiful; white in colour with beautiful pink flowers, I know a friend who would love this!

What home bits and pieces are you wishing for?
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