Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas by... Paperchase | Christmas Gift Guide

Today I’m sharing the last of my Christmas Gift Guides, which to be frank, is quite scary as it means it’s nearly Christmas. However, all the standard Christmas comments aside, I’m sharing my top picks from Paperchase. 

First up is a set of three super cute ceramic owls, whichretail for £6. I’m obsessed with owls at the moment and everything I seem to buy is owl themed, I actually bought these for myself from Paperchase last week (shh, it’s a secret!) I particularly like them as they can stay up all year round rather than being Christmas themed! Lets hit all the owls out of the park in one go shall we? Next up is the cute owl Christmas tree decoration, to behonest all of Paperchase’s Christmas decorations are super cute, but this isobviously my favourite. Also in the decoration category is the set of threetartan hanging decorations, very in right now and I think you could turn them over and use them as permanent features. Next I picked out miniature crackers, again they have several sets of these, my favourites are covered in penguins but these are a bit more versatile! I’ve been eyeing up a little tree to take into work with me and I think this one from Paperchase is small and simple and also carries a tiny £4.50 price tag! To join the mini tree, I picked out themini baubles, you get 100 of them for £10 which is great value. I think they’d also look great tied to presents! Paperchase capture my heart with cards everyyear and picking just one to feature here was difficult, check out the whole range in store and online, these are super cute with robins on! Last but notleast is the uber spotty nail care set, a fantastic stocking filler for a tiny£4!
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