Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Collection Colour Eyeshadow Pencil

Lots of things make it into my collection, join a "must try" box and get completely forgotten about for the foreseeable future. This Collection Eyeshadow Pencil is a prime suspect of this. I picked this up in Tesco's as soon as it was released but I've just fallen in love with it. 

The eyeshadow pencil is incredible quality and if I'm honest, it's the first Collection Make Up product I've ever been impressed with, a The Collection Eyeshadow Pencil is a soft cream eyeshadow that transfers effortlessly on the lid, it blends out beautifully, but work quickly, as within 30 seconds the eyeshadow sets and it does not budge. I can wear this out all day to work and it's still there when I get home in the evening, which I'm super impressed by. It can sometimes crease in the socket of my eye, but when I wear this product with a eye primer this is combated and it stays as beautiful as when it was applied!

I happen to think this product is a complete bargain (£3.19), it has a tiny retail price and the quality is sublime!
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