Friday, 28 June 2013

Browns Hairdressing - Harpenden | Review

One of the toughest things for me is finding a hairdressers that I love and enjoy going to. I think it's hard work to be honest, the hairdressing market is so full and it can be quite overwhelming.
Being a blogger, the first thing I look to do when I try any product or service, is find a review. In my opinion there are not enough hairdressers reviews out there, in fact I couldn't find a single review for Browns. 

I've recently moved from Southampton to Harpenden (a town in Hertfordshire), so I had to find a new hairdressers, frustrated at the lack of reviews, I just took a plunge. Browns was offering a 25% off voucher for my first visit and they were the nicest on the phone. Sounds like a little thing, but a welcoming phone voice who is happy to chat goes a long way.

Unfortunately I didn't catch the receptionists name, but she was lovely. She spent time explaining to me who all the hairdressers were, the price they cost and what experience they had. She then let me pick who I wanted to book with. I chose Hollie, a "hair designer" and got an appointment for the very next morning. 

I arrived on time and loved the feel of the salon instantly, I quite enjoy checking out the products on the shelves, as it normally indicates if I'll like the style of hairdressing. They stocked Bed Head, Moroccan Oil and Kerastase which were all winners for me. Hollie greeted me on reception, full of life, she was so bubbly and lovely! 

She spent quite a lot of time talking to me about my hair, the style I tend to go for and quizzing me on the products I use and the way I style my hair before starting. She definitely knew what she was talking about which always puts me at ease. She washed my hair with a volumising shampoo and conditioner and even gave me a little scalp massage which was lovely! 

There was never an awkward silence with Hollie, sometimes I find that hairdressers start off bubbly and then run out of things to talk about but she was so chatty throughout! We spoke a lot about hair, makeup, life and family. After washing my hair she offered me a drink, I chose a latte, which came in a cute mug with two biscuits and sugar on the side which was a lovely touch.

As I mentioned we chatted all the way through the haircut and the time flew by, at the end my hair had so much volume and life and I instantly felt so good about the style. During the blow dry, she used round brushes to stick in the hair which acted like rollers which I'd never seen before, it gave my hair so much bounce. Hollie seemed to me like she was cutting my hair effortlessly, sometimes hairdressers spend ages making my fringe straight etc, but she got it right first time!

At the end of the haircut Hollie gave me a little card which detailed all the products she'd used on my hair as suggestions for what works for me. I loved that, I'd already remembered the name of the volume mist as I knew I wanted to get it! She also gave me a loyalty card and a referral card incase I want to recommend a friend which was great too!

I honestly can't rave about this haircut enough, it was a lovely experience and I'll definitely be going back. I know not everyone lives local to me, but hopefully someone will find this review helpful, even if it's in a distant Google in the future!
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