Thursday, 2 May 2013

MUA £1 Polishes

A nice bargain for updating your nail polish collection.

I picked up some of these MUA polishes in Superdrug recently as they cost a tiny one pound, yes £1! I did not hold up much hope as I have fairly expensive taste with nail polish, but I gave them a whirl anyway. First of all I love the colour selection, there are lots to choose from, I was particularly fond of the pastel shades! I picked out Frozen Yoghurt (the purple shade), Bold Blue and Pistachio Ice Cream, as you can see the packaging is really cute and come in Essie dupe bottles, which is definitely an improvement from the old design. The nail polish needs a bit of patience, for the blue and green shades I needed three coats, the purple only really needed two, which is an improvement. The application is also pretty streaky, so you need the third coat to be streak free really. They dry relatively quickly for a cheap polish, you're definitely not sitting there for hours. I tried Bold Blue on the nails and it looked beautiful with a lashing of silver glitter on top, it even lasted a good few days without chipping when topped with Essie's Good to Go top coat. Overall I think the MUA polishes are a great option if you're looking for a particular shade to match an outfit, or for a colour you do not wear very often, well worth a pound!
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