Friday, 3 May 2013

Head Jog Small Hot Brush

A new tool for my hair routine.

I recently had my hair cut at Toni and Guy, which was a great experience, the staff were lovely and the hairdresser was superb. When it came to drying my fringe, the hairdresser took an entirely different approach. Whenever I've had my hair cut in the past, they've always dried my full fringe first, before the rest of my hair, blow drying from the top of my head downwards, without a brush. However Michelle (my hairdressers name) dried the rest of my hair first and then used a teeny tiny hot brush on the fringe. I use a hot brush on the rest of my hair, but I've never considered a small one for my fringe. It blow dried my fringe in such a lovely way, the fringe was evenly separated with no massive gaps and had a lovely bounce. I actually tried to buy one there and then in the hairdressers, which never happens, but they were sold out. 

As soon as I got home I hit Google and found this baby. It's the Head Jog Heat Wave Brush, which I picked up on Beauty Bay for £5.25. What I loved about this brush is that the red band on the barrel has a heat sensor. So when your hairdryer gets so hot that it can start damaging your hair, it turns yellow to warn you. It's a great little brush and I'm really happy with it, it's transformed my fringe!
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