Friday, 31 May 2013

Avon Ideal Flawless Foundation

The Avon Ideal Flawless foundation.

I would never have considered buying makeup by Avon, it's just not a brand I'd ever thought to be hi quality and thought that all foundation would be orange. It was only when the Pixiwoo sisters mentioned that the Avon Ideal Flawless Foundation was great for my skin type that I looked into it. I went to the Avon website and found by local representative and ordered a bottle. The delivery service for this is free, which is better than paying for it via the website. The rubbish thing about that of course is that you have to guess your shade. I'm so pale, so I just guessed with the lightest pink-toned colour and luckily it was a match. The foundation is a medium coverage, it's better coverage than Loreal True Match and Rimmel Match Perfection for me, so I like it on important days. Is quite thick in consistency, but blends effortlessly into the skin with my Real Techniques Expert Face brush. I really recommend the Expert Face brush if you're looking to invest, it works beautifully with all my foundations. The lasting power of the Ideal Flawless foundation is fantastic, it lasts all day. It sits really well under my concealers and blusher and leaves a beautiful look to the skin. I used this recently in a FOTD, so check out this link here if you want to see it in action. 

Information about my skin: my skin used to be quite oily in my teens but nowadays is becoming a lot more normal. I'm still prone to the odd breakout but it's a lot more controlled than it was in my younger years. I actually think at times that my skin is quite dry, so I've found a dewy foundation or a good moisturiser is great for my skin. I'm very very fair, I never tan, I only burn, my skin is definitely more pink-toned than yellow.
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