Monday, 18 March 2013

Aussie Miracle Moist

Todays review is the Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo and conditioner.

As you guys may know I recently went to Paris for my Birthday, we were travelling by plane and then getting a train so we wanted to travel really light. My normal shampoo and conditioner which is the Mark Hill Love Big Hair range comes in quite a big bottle so I did not want to take a massive one with us. I went to Boots to pick up a travel size but unfortunately they either did not stock Mark Hill miniatures (with seems unlikely as my Boots is huge) or Mark Hill do not make them. I'd left everything to the last minute so I couldn't do any research on which miniature would be the best so on a whim I picked up the Aussie Miracle Moist set. 

"If your hair is dry and damaged, this is like an oasis in the desert. Parched hair drinks up the moisture and reveals everyday shine. Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo may not change your life, but it's a good start!"

I was quite worried about it as my hair is quite oily and gets greasy pretty quickly so I thought maybe this would make my hair unworkable but it didn't. First of all this shampoo and conditioner smells delicious, it was so nice to jump in the bath after trudging around in the snow all day and smell this, it was amazing! My hair also loved it, it left my hair feeling so soft and silky and it didn't make my hair fly away or frizzy. It was a great buy and I'm definitely going to try some other Aussie hair products in the future.

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