Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Unsung Hero: No7 Base Coat

Todays review is the No7 Base Coat in So Smooth.
I think sometimes a lot of us get in a "high end rut" - it's so easy to get blown away by items not available on the high street and to start thinking that the most expensive items are the best. I'm a big nail fan, I love experimenting with brands, colours and techniques. However I was having big problems with my nail polish "pushing back". At first I thought it was my top coat (I use Essie Good To Go) but after changing that and trying something new, I realised I was still having the problem. I was recently having a sort out of all my nail polish and found this No7 Base Coat. It was literally brand new, I'd never even used it, so it was bought at some point and forgotten about. I didn't hold up much hope but I thought I'd give it a go. It changed my nail world, this stuff is fantastic! My nail polish did not budge at all and it made the colour application so so easy. The No7 Base Coat is also supposed to improve the overall condition of your nails so I cannot wait to use this long term and see if it works.

A true lesson learnt, sometimes the best products are available on the high street, pricey does not always mean "the best". 
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