Thursday, 15 November 2012

Montagne Jennesse Break-Out Mask

Apologies for the lack of photographs, I'd had enough of my skin during my cleansing at night and decided it was time for a treatment! 

First thing I noticed is that in the packet you were given a lot of product which I loved as you could really coat the skin in a thick layer which is my favourite thing about clay masks! Of course it does mean you get messy! My hands got covered but I think its part of the fun! The packaging tells you to sit with the mask on for 15-20 minutes, it was actually good to wear a face mask which tells you to have such a long treatment as you could really take some time to relax, 10 minutes isn't really enough to enjoy the peace and quiet but 20 is enough to flick through a magazine! As briefly mentioned above I used this late in the evening when I was experiencing the worst breakout I've had in a long time, my skin covered in little whiteheads and some painful blackheads on nose which was odd (tmi?). When you applied the mask it felt really really cold and nice so it felt cooling and soothing to reduce the redness, it also smelt beautiful, I couldn't put my finger on the exact smell, but it smelt minty and packed full of tea tree. Can't stress how nice it felt on the skin, it starts setting quite quickly but mine wasn't try to literally 20-25 minutes was up so it felt really hydrating! I should mention that it felt really tingly on my skin, tingly masks are my favourite type of mask, so if you don't like tingly masks avoid this! I personally love the feeling as I know its working. I really like the fact it comes with a moisturiser, feels like a full circle treatment! As always, this is such a bargain for £1! My skin felt super soft and refreshed and my skin definitely looked a lot better in the morning!
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