Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Christmas Gifts #1: The Love Box Company

I thought it would be good during the run up to Christmas to talk about present ideas for all the family! I've almost completed all my Christmas shopping (madness I know), so I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite gifts! 

For today's post I thought I'd tell you about The Love Box Company, a gift box service for almost any occasion! This caught my eye recently whilst doing my Christmas shopping as I quite like the idea of pre-packaged gifts that include a little bit of everything, I think sometimes when I buy things, I realise I can be a bit biased with my views on what I like, and I tend to forget that everyone is different! So naturally what I hate someone else might love! That's why I love The Love Box Company (excuse the pun!) it's a perfect combination of items for all types of occasions!

So what is Love Box? Love Box claim to be the "ultimate way to gift", where for almost any occasion, be it a wedding, a birthday, a stag do, a birthday, they have a box filled with goodies that suit the event! For example they have the Festival box filled with all the necessary items for the festival season. The best thing that I've found is that every box that Love Box make come in three different editions: Regular, Deluxe or Ultra Deluxe versions, so no matter what your budget might be there's something for everyone! I like this a lot! 

Of course it's all well and good thinking about Birthdays and Weddings but this time of year everyone is thinking about the tinsel, lights and glitter of CHRISTMAS, so the box that caught my eye is The Love Box Company Christmas box:
"The Christmas Box comes with a beautiful collectable christmas decoration and a certificate that can be given as a special gift for your loved ones. The Christmas Box is for anyone that you want to give a special gift that can be saved as a token to remember a special Christmas."

I think it sounds great and is definitely a great idea if you're stuck for a gift idea, I'm very tempted to get Chris a Christmas box, even though he has enough presents already! If you need any more information you can find The Love Box Company  on Facebook (, Twitter ( and they even have a email address you can write to if you have any specific queries (!

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