Friday, 16 November 2012

Current Skincare Routine

Ever since I decided to kick the habit and get into the swing of taking my make up off religiously every single night, I've been on the hunt for the perfect skincare routine. I'm actually really happy with my skincare routine at the moment so I thought I'd share it with you. I carry out the routine every single day and it's finally become a good habit to have!

The first thing I do is grab a cotton pad and use the No7 Beautiful Skin Water to take off my make up, I use the oval pads by Sainsburys and I think they are great! After the bulk of my make up is off I get another pad and cleanse the face again to check it's all off. I then use the Botanics toner from the All Bright range. I know that toners are a bit controversial but I really like using a toner, it closes my pores and just gives me the squeaky clean feeling! I'd love to hear your thoughts on toners! 

I follow the exact same routine in the morning but I only need to cleanse once and I follow it up with the Garnier Daily Treatment moisturiser, it does a great job at banishing blemishes! For the first time I'm really loving my skincare, which is a shame as I have a ton of other stuff to try and I'm worried that I ruin my clean and clear skin! 

What products are you currently using?

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