Saturday, 1 September 2012

WIMH: Orla Keily Perfume

A little while ago I recieved my first try from Whats In My Handbag, I really, really love this website! I cannot reccomend it enough!
I haven't had the chance to use the perfume yet but I have high hopes as I'm a lover of floral scents! Orla Kiely is not a brand I would have considered buying perfume from, I didn't even know she made perfumes! It's a great way of opening you up to new brands and getting you to explore opportunities! I just wanted to make this post to show you the pretty packaging, review to follow soon!

You can buy the perfume in a variety of places but you can get a pretty gift set for £44 from Orla Keily direct here;

Sign up for free Trys at What's In My Handbag here: 

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