Monday, 3 September 2012

A poor show of August empties

I know what you're thinking, what a measly attempt at a empties post and I know it is pretty poor!
I can tell you why though! My mother in law has a habit of throwing empty packages away, hence my stash of empty packages have gone in the bin! I will not cheat though, so I will just talk you through the three bits I have pictured here. 

The Body Shop - Passion Fruit Shower Gel: I love this, in fact as you know, I love all Body Shop shower gels, they are amazing! This one is no exception, it smells amazing and has such a strong lovely smell. Chris always remarks when I've used this as he gets a whiff of the gorgeous smell as I walk past! They tend to be quite expensive, £4 for 250mls but they last a lifetime! In fact you can see my post here when I started using it on April 4th! AMAZING value and smells amazing, what else could you want! I'm about to start a new Body Shop shower gel (more of this to come) but I'll definitely repurchase a new one when I need one! See the full range of shower gels here.

17 - Hide and Chic: I'm pretty sure I got this free from one of the many deals 17 give us lovely people. I never use a liquid concealer so I had no intention of using it. But one morning when I woke up looking particulary tired with big black bags under my eyes I though I'd give it a go! I absolutely LOVE this product! It's amazing. It does wonders for under the eyes, concealing the bags and black marks and leaving you looking wide awake and radiant! I was gutted when this run out when I was away on business two weeks ago and I'm desperately trying to find it in my shade to repurchase! This costs £4.99 from Boots.

Impress Nails: Yes this is a bit of a cheat, as you can see they are not empty. But I was about to chuck them in the bin and thought I'd include them! Despite the raving reviews these nails have had, I did not have a good experience! I found them cheap, tacky and they did not survive my evening bath! Yes they may last a week, but I can't walk around dirty for a week for the sake of pretty nails! See my full review here. 

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