Tuesday, 4 September 2012

MeMeMe - Beat the Blues

You've probably seen this before, it's the MeMeMe Beat the Blues, the well known dupe for Benefits Moon Beam and the pink version is of course the dupe for High Beam!

Of course the difference is that this costs a tiny £5.25 online and at Superdrug and the Benefit versions cost a whopping £18.50. No competition on price right? I'm really careful when it comes to liquid highlighters as my make-up is made up of online cream and powder products so it tends to smudge, but I've really enjoyed this product! It comes in a glass bottle with a little brush which is the same as you get in a nail polish. 

The brush is easy to use and makes application easy. Like the Benefit products you can mix this with your foundation or apply it straight to the cheek and brow bones. It's a really nice summery colour which really gives the skin a beautiful glow. I always apply it last in my make up routine, sometimes I just blend it in (normally when its really bright and sunny) but when its a bit gloomy I add a flutter of powder on top so it's not OTT. 

Have you tried any MeMeMe products? What is your favourite highlighter?

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