Friday, 31 August 2012

"emergency make-up kit"

It wasn't until Chris planned an impromtu date night a couple of weeks ago that I realised the value of my now adaptly named "emergency make-up kit". I've never been one to carry a make up bag around with me, you'll never catch me in the bathroom retouching my make-up in the middle of the day at university or whilst out shopping with a friend. So there are very few items of make up that I keep in my handbag. But there are a few items in my bag that I chuck in incase I need them. Here are my two favourites!

Benefit IT Stick Concealer: this concealer is amazing and I'm actually devastated to find out that its now discontined! It's cream based in a pencil form and the idea is that you drawn it on the skin in lines and then blend with your finger tips! It only comes in one shade which is really light, but luckily I'm very fair skinned! It's not the best concealer I've ever tried and it doesn't have the best staying power (although all concealers seem to run off my face) but its great for a quick touch up before heading out!

Revlon Lip Butter: I'm not a lipstick fan, I never have been, sometimes I do like to spend time on my lips, but whilst I'm in a rush in my work toilet I don't want to faff around with lip liners and lipsticks! This is fantastic as you just chuck it on like a balm and you've got colour without the fuss! 

What do you keep in your "emergency make-up kit"?
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